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A refreshing wilderness with its adventures and sights makes your stay in Puumala all the more pleasant.

The Liehtalanniemi museum farm is an old Finnish farmhouse, where you can still catch a glimpse of the traditional Finnish farming methods and of life in the old days. The farm is in Niinisaari within a 10 km drive from the village. As a bonus you will enjoy spectacular views on the archipelago road and a ride on a ferry (lossi). The free ferry runs 24h/day nonstop except for 20 min coffee breaks! Liehtalanniemi also has many domestic animals that are rarely seen in modern agriculture.

In Liehtalanniemi you are welcome to relax in the picturesque museum setting or simply take a walk along one of the beautiful nature paths. Liehtalanniemi is easily accessible by car, but in addition a guest harbour is available for boats and paddlers even have the possibility to set up a tent.

The Saha museum is located in Sahanlahti in the area of the former Miettula lumberyard, near the home of the founder of Kalevala Jewellery Elsa Heporauta. The Saha museum depicts the life and everyday activities of lumber-mill workers at the end of the 19th century.

For those eager to tour the area by car, the scenic roads of Lietvesi show the lake area at its best. Lietvesi sightseeing stop offers some of the most beautiful views in the area and refreshments are available for all tired travellers.

The nature in Puumala is unique and diverse. The maze of islands offers many surprises, like Loketon Onkalo in Pistohiekka. This is a cavern approximately 10-13 m deep and 70 m long.

Rakokivet is a wonderful natural phenomenon in Hurissalo’’s Saarijärvi. These ancient erratic boulders rise high up to form a cave-like formation in the centre. The signposts erected in 2005 guide travellers from highway 62, from Reponen Cottage Resort to Saarijärventie.

The rock-paintings in Puumala take the visitor far into the history of the Saimaa area. All in all there are six different locations in Puumala area where you can admire these ancient signs on steep rocks.

The Kukonharju canal was built in the 18th century by a Russian General Suvorov when the Russians needed a new water route to the north. The canal is 700 m long and these days very popular among boaters.

The Puumalansalmi Bridge is the most visible landmark of the Puumala village. Before the bridge was built transportation between banks was made with a ferry, which operated until the year 1995. Puumalansalmi Bridge is the 4th longest highway bridge in Finland. The elevator in the harbour takes people up to the bridge to the approximate height of 28,5 metres, from where there is an excellent view to the blue Saimaa waters. The elevator also acts as Finland's only vertical pedestrian transportation way. Those who are brave enough can take the stairs from the bridge and visit the café at the top of the tower 37 metres above the ground, where one can enjoy refreshments while admiring the beautiful view.

Apart from the sleek architectonic sight of the Puumalansalmi Bridge, adding to the charm of Puumalansalmi is the unique steel-hulled steamship Wenno. Wenno (aka Vetehinen) was built in 1907 and is still fully operational. Today the ship serves the town and tourists by providing cruises along the Saimaa during the summer season.